Liars, Meet Me In The Bathroom | Single


“Interesting title, right? ‘Liars, Meet Me In The Bathroom’ starts with building intensity climaxing with a synthesized vocal (Vocoder) designed for the dance floor. The track feels like Thom Yorke’s laptop got combined with a full orchestra, and it works remarkably well. The intensity and drama of the musical accompaniment of ‘Bathroom’ more than remedies the issue”. – Brett Stewart

Release Date: March 4, 2014


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Track Listing:

1. Liars, Meet Me In The Bathroom 

Meet me in the bathroom
tell me all about your lies
say that you are my only friend
then we’ll do it all again

on and on and on
said do I
wanted to be over

maybe we can just pretend
liars how we’ve always been
fake it through another day
burn before we fade away

on and on and on
said do I
wanted to be over

Lyrics: Tza
Composition: Tza, Daniel Corrales, Eric J. Flynn & Bidi Cobra
Recording: PRGRM
Production:  Daniel Corrales & Iggy Mont @ The Warhol Loft