Phantom | Single


“Phantom is likely the highlight of the three singles. The beats are incredibly solid, and the lead vocalist croons in a dark, elusive delivery that skips in and out of Radioheadesque echoes and David Bowie-like riffs. Bowie may be the most direct comparison we can make, since the track’s experimentation wreaks of Bowie’s 1977 masterpiece record ‘Heroes.’ (Which is a good thing!) The ambient noise, drowned vocals, and abrupt tempo changes indicated by a screeching electric guitar makes this track unforgettably excellent.” – Brett Stewart

Release Date: September 2, 2014


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Track Listing:

1. Phantom

Sleep soaking sweat you see arms around me / It’s getting to cold / It’s now colder now we’re free / It’s rising up inside it’s a rise inside of me / It’s getting too dark it’s now too dark to see / It’s getting so hot you can feel around me / My heart is beating faster now I can hardly breath / It’s spinning on top you say you can’t see me / I’m floating away into oblivion / And it’s like a shadow darkened over me / It’s getting too dark / The sky is falling down you see / Nothing is right / It’s all coming down / The ground is shaking up apart / It’s hardly bound

Lyrics: Tza
Composition: Tza & Daniel Corrales
Recording: PRGRM
Production:  Daniel Corrales @ Beta/Noise.Records